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Building a Fitness Business

March 03, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 45
We Are Living Healthy
Building a Fitness Business
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Building a Fitness Business

Build your thriving fitness business so you can get out of the gym, make a real impact, and finally make the money you deserve!
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Question from Alexis with Fitness Business Coach, Kelly Coulter:

  • What is Fit Pros Connect?
  • Kelly, Can you tell us from your professional point of view, when we can recognize if someone suffers from anxiety and or emotional eating?
  • You also teach Yoga, what helps your students to release tension?
  • We often focus on the physical part, but from your expertise working with other fitness professionals, what tips do you have for them in order to help their clients with anxiety?
  • How meditation can help us?
  • How can people find you?

For more information go to: www.fitprosconnect.com
Connect with Kelly at: kelly@fitprosconnect.com

(803) 960-5883

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Alexis Perkins: Hello, thank you for tuning into this segment. A we are living healthy when most people think about improving their health, they think about either increasing their workouts or reducing their caloric intake. But today we have a very special guest Kelly Colter who was a fitness professional, and it's going to tell us how reducing anxiety can improve your health.

Let's go ahead and welcome Kelly to the show. 

Kelly Coulter: Hello.

Alexis Perkins: Hello. Nice to see you. Good to see you, Alexis. Yes. I'm really excited to chat about how reducing your anxiety can improve health. I know you have had that happen to you personally. Could you tell us a 

Kelly Coulter: little bit about that? Absolutely. So in 2014, I left the corporate world and I started my own company and I was one of those people that started their own company before.

The corporate world was really stressful. And I thought, oh, all of [00:01:00] that's just going to go away. And I'm going to be magically. I'm feeling a lot better. And of course, two years into building my company, I realized this is no less stressful. I'm feeling very anxious, I'm feeling depressed and all the things that go with anxiety constantly.

And with that, I had not taken off any of the weight that I had gained during my corporate, the last part of my corporate journey, which was that stressful piece. So I really started taking seriously, just getting five minutes of yoga and five minutes of meditation and every day, no more, no less, just five minutes, just to start working on the mindset.

And what happened is one month of that commitment turned into three. Being committed turned into 90 days. And around 90 days, I started to realize I really turned a corner. I wasn't feeling anxious all the time. I was [00:02:00] smiling for no reason and I wasn't constantly. Going to the refrigerator, looking for that thing that I could put kind of in my stomach to cover up that anxious feeling that I carried around with me all the time.

So I stopped emotional eating, and then I started very slowly taking the weight off. 

Alexis Perkins: Yes. I'm glad that you mentioned about anxiety and it was connected to, you know, eating at times when you shouldn't, because anxiety for others can definitely be a different outlet. It could be alcohol, it could be a lot of different things to reduce the stress.

So sometimes it's tethered together. And I know that you said you started off with five minutes a day, which is awesome. I love baby steps. I didn't even have to ask that was the baby step five minutes. Could you tell our viewers and our listeners, just a couple of different things that, you know, personally and professionally, as far as ways to recognize the anxiety and maybe a couple of different things aside from emotional eating that if you have this, that it might be [00:03:00] anxiety that you need to get checked into.

Kelly Coulter: Ooh, so such a good question. Sleep of course is a big one. If you're waking up and not able to go back to sleep, if the thoughts are racing and you're not able to find ways to calm that down. For me, it was a feeling in my stomach and that it was that feeling I was constantly trying to cover and I was so used to it.

I didn't even recognize it, but if it's a, if there's a constant, low grade nausea for you. If your face is scrunched up all the time, that's sometimes what can cause the headaches. Right. I used to walk around with the RBF, like you didn't even realize this, the scrunched up shoulders, right? And that's what feels so good for a lot of people when they do get a massage or start practicing yoga for the first time.

It's the release. Finally of that tension, we hold our trauma and our anxiety in our muscle. 

Alexis Perkins: Yes. And when you started to release some of that tension, how did it improve your overall [00:04:00] health and you personally, and I know that you also teach yoga for your students and things like that. What improvements has it had for their health?

Just releasing the tension. 

Kelly Coulter: Mm, so good. So first of all, I E I see myself just having space in my mind, having white space, just being able to breathe, being able to put the phone down and walk away from it for a while. That's not something I could do before, but I it's a different strength and a different space that your mind starts to almost look for.

So, Being able to have white space. Of course, the strengthen your body improves from the inside out. So you, you get stronger at your core. And then that moves outward. Of course, muscle burns fat. So if you are an emotional eater, like I was, and you start to make the. Mindset improvements. It's very possible that building some muscle through a practice like yoga will also help you to [00:05:00]accelerate that with my students.

I see. They, I've got some older students who have been able to withstand falls in a way that they would not have if they were not practicing yoga with me and just comfort in your body. 

Alexis Perkins: That's important. And I know that you work with a lot of different fitness professionals. And I always like to think about everything as far as the trickle down effect, even in the fitness industry instructors, personal trainers.

Sometimes we do have a tendency to focus on the physical part of the body and not everything all encompassing. So for those fitness professionals out there, is there any quick tip that you could let them know to give to their clients or the people they care for that can help them reduce? That client's anxiety, which will in turn, accrue their health as well.

Kelly Coulter: You know, I like to think that we all need some minds. Mind how do I wanna say this as mind reboot a brain reboot every day. So just like when your phone's not working right. And it gets all tangled up in its [00:06:00] own thoughts, and then you just reap started. Yes. Need to do that to your brain every day. So meditation can take the form of a lot of different things.

For some people, meditation comes in the form of a jog and for some people, meditation comes in the form of a prayer and for some people. Meditation comes in the form of a guided meditation that they would do off of YouTube or just silent time, but taking your brain and letting it not cycle through that same 10 or 15 thoughts for five minutes will absolutely improve your mental state and your anxiety.

Alexis Perkins: Okay. I'd like that. You mentioned a few things and it was, if you want to take that five minutes, you gave some different options. You mentioned you can do five minutes of yoga, five minutes of meditation, five minutes of prayer, five minutes of silence, five minutes on a walk. I must be really good. 

Kelly Coulter: Yes, 

Alexis Perkins: but is there anything else that you could think of that was five already?[00:07:00]

Everybody feels the anxiety in the chest. If somebody feels stressed and they want to grab a snack cake, if somebody wants to go grab a bottle of Pinot Grigio, whatever it is, you do it. And when you feel it, identify it, I feel. When you hit that five minute and button, can you think of anything else, aside from the great ones listed for five minutes, they also have this as an option.


Kelly Coulter: you know, you mentioned the Pinot Grigio and you mentioned the snack cake. And I just want to say for some people, something like that can be kind of a ritual and it's not that you can't have peanut Gratiot, right. But maybe take some extra time pouring it, maybe saver it, maybe. Sit in silence as you enjoy it.

So maybe five minutes is a glass of wine or the start of a glass of wine. Don't drink your wine in five minutes. Also a swim, a hot tub soak. Oh, there's one that I do every single day. And that. A bubble bath. I almost do it every single day. [00:08:00] Yes, 

Alexis Perkins: I love and not to give a shout out to Dr. Teal's, but that's my favorite.

Kelly Coulter: Maybe even just five minutes away from the phone to. 

Alexis Perkins: Hm. Yes. I like that. Thank you so much, Kelly. So I know that you help fitness professionals. I know that you also teach yoga. So if you guys don't have it from somebody in your area locally, you can definitely reach out to Kelly. How can people find you?

Kelly Coulter: So fit pros, connect.com/yoga is the. Page that you would visit to find out the options about doing my yoga. I teach live twice a week. You can get all of that stuff in recorded form as well. I've got a beautiful community of women and men who show up together and practice and just support and enjoy each other.

Alexis Perkins: Okay. Well, thank you so much, Kelly. It has been a pleasure. Thank you 

Kelly Coulter: so much. All right. 

Alexis Perkins: Well, that's it for this segment of we are living healthy. Thank you to everyone who tuned in, and if you haven't already please subscribe to the show and also follow us on Facebook at we are [00:09:00] living healthy. And if you have a health story or tip that you would like to share message us so that we can get you here.

Thanks again for joining us today. That's it for? We are living here.