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Self Made Wellness with Tracy Pleschourt

March 31, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 50
We Are Living Healthy
Self Made Wellness with Tracy Pleschourt
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Tracy Pleschourt
 Founder of Self-Made U 
and Host of Secrets of the Self-Made Podcast

Tracy is a student of her own work and has stopped overeating, overdrinking, and created a multi six figure business while mastering metabolic health. Today Tracy coaches people all across the country who want to become a student of themselves and do the same transformational work.

Tracy dedicates her work to ambitious, life-long learners yearning for answers and seeking a better way to create the results they desire and deserve. She instills confidence and a call to action that leads to unlimited wealth and wellness.

Question from Alexis with Tracy:

  • How weight loss leads to professional growth
  • What are the 4 Basics to Getting to Your Ideal Weight and Staying There?
  • What are the top 3 Lies The Diet Industry has Told You?
  • How can we create More Self-Love?
  • How can we unlock new doors, without using the same old keys? 
  • Do you have any tips for people that are afraid of changes?

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Hello, and thank you for tuning in to this segment of we are living healthy. If someone told you that they could help you stop overeating and over-drinking, and also show you how to manage your time while improving your financial health, you might think that's a little bit too good to be true. Well, it's not, and that's why I'm really excited about our guest today.

Please welcome. Founder of self-made you Tracy plush court. Hi Alexis. Hello. How are you? I'm doing so good. I'm so excited to be here. I'm excited to have you serve up a tall order. You helped so many people. You have self-made university. Please just tell us a little bit about what. Yeah. So I have an online school that really focuses on how to overcome obstacles like overeating over-drinking overspending, [00:01:00] you know, all the overs that we find ourselves in and creating new results for ourselves.

So I often help people who are wanting to create what they once thought was impossible, like a new role in their life, a new job of. A new sort of income level. So it all starts at the level of your mind. It's really important to understand that first and foremost. And so I have a process that I teach all of my clients exactly how to do.

And so it's been a, it's been a journey. It's been a two year long journey. And I think at last count we've got, we're quickly approaching over 200 people who have created what they once thought impossible, you know, sustaining. A weight that they never thought that they. No, that is absolutely wonderful for those who are listening and they might not even know that you're talking to them or about them, for those who may be overeating or overdrinking, if somebody is wondering, is she talking about me or not?

What does [00:02:00] that look like? If you're that person, what is the overeager look like? The over drink or look like the, what are the symptoms of this is you, if you fall into this category? Yeah, I would say when you. Decide that, you know, your results are problematic when you decide that they are getting in the way of you living your optimal life.

That's when you would engage in a level of understanding that is entirely different, entirely counterintuitive to what you've done before. So I think so many people try to unlock some of those new doors by using the same old. Right. And so I teach you how to unlock these new doors, getting new results with a new way.

And it's often very counterintuitive to what they're using. Yes. I know many times when people think about change, the first thing that comes up is fear because people like uncomfortable. Okay. I know [00:03:00] that one of the things I've heard that's popular is when trying to get yourself to change is to think about the result and fantasize about the result for awhile.

Do you have any other tips for getting people over that fear factor of change and the challenges that are going to come with it? Yeah. You know, I would say. Understanding how and why you have gotten the current results that you're experiencing. I think if you can make sense of it, you start off in a better place, you know, and that's a place that you can like really springboard from, but if you don't make sense how and why you're getting the current results.

It's very difficult to create any sort of sustainable change. You know, if you're not understanding what's gotten you to where you're at, you're very likely to just kind of follow a script. You're going to check the boxes and you may create new results for yourself, but I promise you it's unlikely that there'll be sustainable.

So I teach people, we start by understanding [00:04:00] that you're not broken. There's nothing wrong with you. You're not, you know, this rare case, special unicorn, you know, unique snowflake. It's like we all have two parts of our brain. I like to call it the primitive part of your brain and the prodigy part of your brain.

That primitive part of your brain is often where those fear-based thoughts are coming from. We're going to go away. But if we consistently react. To those kinds of thoughts, those fear-based thoughts, we create results that are often unwanted. Now, if we can instead respond to those thoughts through utilizing another part of our brain, a more developed part of our brain, which is actually called our prefrontal cortex, you will learn to create a different type of experience for yourself.

Like I said, you're not broken. If you notice that you're reacting from your primitive brain, it's just, you actually have a [00:05:00] choice and you actually do have control. And so we make sense of it. That is always going to be there, but we're just going to work on not reacting to those thoughts and instead responding and teach people the process of what it looks like to receive.

Yes. And I know that when talking about different parts of the brain, you always like to break it down. I know what the prefrontal cortex that it is basically our decision-maker and it's basically what gives us the ability to make sound decisions and stay in control of yourself and your willpower and everything else like that.

So I know that you had mentioned it. I just want it, but is that correct? Let me ask you you're the. That is correct. Yeah, that's exactly correct. And, you know, back in the day, when we had to, you know, find our own food and outrun, you know, the dangers of our primitive life, the primitive brain, you know, it served a very big.

In today's day and age, we're not living in that kind of an [00:06:00] environment. Right. So we've evolved. And so it would make sense that we need to use our higher, more evolved brain to function in. Culture. Right. And this, you know, in this environment, not continue to utilize the primitive brain that is always telling us we're in danger, right?

It's out there seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and it wants to be efficient. That's why so many of us are operating from fear-based thoughts because those thoughts have been thought so many times that they're the easiest thoughts to default. So it's I today in my coaching calls, I, I talked about, think about your both parts of your brain being in a boxing ring, primitive brain comes out swinging, right?

It has a lot of thoughts that feel very comfortable because we've thought them all the time, but I want you instead of to, instead of reacting to those. I want you to turn on the prodigy brain so [00:07:00] it can like pack the punch and cancer, the primitive thoughts with a response like that, even true. What else could be true?

Right? Those are, and so it doesn't have to be anything poetic, anything real deep. You can simply ask yourself when you notice a primitive brain thought is that. That's how you respond. Yes, no, I think I was reading something and it was, it was saying like identical to what you're saying is that sometimes the primitive brain is a liar.

And you remember that? Now I wanted to give you a couple of scenarios cause I looked up a self-made you and it is incredible. All right. So I just want to give you two scenarios in what nugget of information would you give this person? Okay. Okay. All right. Let's just say you got the busy mom. She has.

She doesn't have time to go to the gym or so that's what she tells herself because she wakes up in the morning to get them ready for school. She tries to eat healthy, but she finds herself eating chicken nuggets when she's feeding the children. [00:08:00] And so her weight loss is now affecting her confidence.

What's a couple of nuggets you could write. Yeah, what's a couple of nuggets about the chicken nuggets I hear is what I would tell her. I would say first off you're human. And so let's just, let's just acknowledge what the feeling is that, has you diving into those chicken nuggets? Right? Is it exhaustion?

Is it entirely. Like let's get real. Let's get honest about what is the experience you're having with that vibration running through your body that has you grabbing that chicken nugget? That is the key is to heighten your awareness around why is this happening in the first place? And I'll tell you that whatever it is that you're feeling is being driven, it's being generated from a thought that you don't even know you're having, it's running unconsciously in the background.

So if it's like, I deserve that. Then again, it's a matter of responding. [00:09:00] Is it true? Is this going to get you closer to what it is that you really want for yourself? Right. Great question to ask yourself. So it has a lot to do with just slowing down and not like not buying into that narrative, that primitive brain narrative and asking yourself, like, if I say yes to the chicken nugget, what am I saying?

No. Oh, that's good. That's good. Yes. That's good. I could have given you 10 more scenarios, but just that answers them all awareness. And if I see, yes, what am I saying no to that could apply to all of them. Yes. I'd love that. I love that. I just, if you say yes to this, what are you saying? No to, I say that three times, because I need that to resonate with me too, but I know you have a lot more things that you.

A lot of wonderful services that you offer, what is the best way for people to get in contact with you? Yeah, just find us on the internet. We [00:10:00] are@wwwdotself-madeandthentheletteru.com. And you can take our free courses. We have our own. That provides accountability. You can take your first course for free.

We teach you the basics of, you know, living an optimal life on a metabolic level, on a mental, emotional, and physical level. And you know, it's really truly Alexis. It's the education that I think most of us have kind of overlooked and it's understanding yourself on all of those. Yes. Well, thank you so much.

I could talk to you for hours. I'll probably call you after this. Thank you so much for joining us today. You're welcome. Thanks for having me right. Well, that's it for this segment of we are living healthy. Thank you to everyone who tuned in. If you have not already, please subscribe to the show and follow us on Facebook and we are living healthy.

And if you have a story that you would like to share, please message us so we can get you here. Thanks again for tuning in today. And remember when you say yes to something, make sure you're not [00:11:00] saying no to one of your goals. Well, that's it for, we are living in.