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Resources for Delivery and Postpartum

April 07, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 51
We Are Living Healthy
Resources for Delivery and Postpartum
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Carri is Nurse Manager of the Mother Baby Unit at Chesapeake Regional Healthcare’s BirthPlace. She and her award-winning team are responsible for keeping moms and their babies happy and healthy by providing personalized, patient-centered postpartum care.

Question from Alexis with Carri Folwaczny:

1. When an expectant or postpartum woman has questions about her pregnancy, I hear Chesapeake Regional offers something unique. Can you tell us about that?

2. How do you support breastfeeding mothers?

3. Do you offer postpartum support groups?

4. I hear Chesapeake Regional Medical Center is undergoing a big improvement project. Can you tell us what changes are coming to the Mother/Baby Unit?

5. How do women find out more about the BirthPlace? 6. Is there anything else you’d like people to know

For more information go to: chesapeakeregional.com

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Alexis Perkins: Hello. And welcome to this segment of we are living healthy. When a pregnancy occurs, it is a time full of excitement, but also a time full of questions about breastfeeding, postpartum, and so much more here to help. We have nurse manager from Chesapeake regional carry full, last name, please welcome her to the.

Carri Folwaczn: Hi, thank you so much for having me. Hi, Carrie, how are you? I'm well I'm well, thank you. 

Alexis Perkins: Yes, I'm really excited to talk to you because I know there was a stat about how many pregnancies occur on Valentine's day and that was just a month ago. And so, but yes, when you have an expecting mother, there are so many questions that need to be answered.

Could you first tell us a little bit about the role that you have at Chesapeake? 

Carri Folwaczn: Sure. So I am the nurse manager on the mother-baby and lactation teams. And we work with the postpartum moms, whether it be the, you know, a first time mom that [00:01:00] needs all the education or a mom that has multiple babies at home that maybe doesn't need as much and can impart some information on us.

So we get to work with those families as they, they can first first-time family or just adding those, those children. 

Alexis Perkins: Yes. And I'm glad that you mentioned that because many times people think it's just first time moms that have questions, which you could have more than one child. And there's new questions about how is my body going to respond differently.

So many different things. What do you find is the most common question amongst expecting.

Carri Folwaczn: Well, I think every pregnancy, no matter how many times that you've had a pregnancy, every one is different. So, so many questions come up. How much weight should I gain on this baby? How should I expect to integrate this baby into my current family and how will things change and how will sleep habits change?

So there's just so many different things, depending upon every, every. Every day brings its own challenge and its own 

Alexis Perkins: reward. [00:02:00] Yes. These are always so unique and different. I know I'm nothing like my sister, so that's definitely a accurate statement. With all the services I Chesapeake regional, I know that you guys offer some unique things for expecting.

Carri Folwaczn: We do we offer what's called the video visits with the nurse. So that gives a mom first-time mom, a mom of multiple babies, the option to, to call in and you can speak with a nurse before delivery. You can speak with a nurse in the postpartum world. You can speak with the nursery nurse after discharge, just being able to call and ask those questions that have

Alexis Perkins: Yes. No, you're fine. You're absolutely fine. A lot of questions circle around breastfeeding mothers. Right. And, and I'm glad that you they're multitasking, you know? Cause you're, you're, you're Arlin. You have your phone, you have this, you have that that's life. 

Carri Folwaczn: Yes. It absolutely is. It's alive. 

Alexis Perkins: Exactly. That is life.

So, but so multitasking, so to shade to that, but I know that we have a lot of [00:03:00] questions about breastfeeding and and exactly what supporting a breastfeeding mother is. How do you guys do. 

Carri Folwaczn: So we have a thriving lactation team within Chesapeake regional, and we, we are able to see every mom that comes in in the labor room.

We see them. If their plan is to breastfeed, we see them in the labor room. We see every breastfeeding mom, every single day in the postpartum unit here on mother, baby. And then about three days after discharge, we try to follow up with every mom, see how they're doing, see how they're integrating back into their home world and how the, how things have changed, baby.

Yeah, the, the milk development changes so much in those first couple of days after delivery. So offering that support a couple of days after discharge, to make sure that their journey is is, is being kept up because if that's their passion and that's really what their goal is to breastfeed, we want to make sure that we offer as much support to make them successful with that.

We have all IB CLC trained lactation consultants that are, you know, they're the. [00:04:00] And they teach our our nurses on the mother, baby unit, really how to care for these moms. And we will work very hard together to make sure that we're giving the same message or giving and sharing that same education.

Our lactation nurses also go into the special care nurses, nursery to support the nurse, the nurses, as well as the, the moms that are visiting their babies in special care to be able to also fulfill that that journey of breastfed. 

Alexis Perkins: No, I think it's amazing that you do that due diligence because without that support, sometimes a mother could want to continue to breastfeed, but just get discouraged over some of the challenges.

So I think that's amazing that you offer that type of lactation support. Do you guys offer any other kind of postpartum support groups or anything 

Carri Folwaczn: of that nature? Sure we are so blessed to be able to offer a, a breastfeeding support group on the first and third Tuesdays of every month from one 30, until 2:00 PM.

It's really just an opportunity for anyone in the community that is on their breastfeeding journey to be able to come in and [00:05:00] really communicate and collaborate with other women in the community to build relationships, the relationships after you start having children change. So being able to make and build those relationships with moms.

Stage of life, it's really important. So to be able to come back to a breastfeeding support group with a mom that might be struggling and you've just you know, overcome that same challenge to be able to information share. It's, it's really a, it's a great bonding experience for moms and, and I BCLC a lactation nurse also runs that support group.

So she's able to give you that that one-on-one time as well as the group environment. So it's a really, it's a big benefit for our. 

Alexis Perkins: No, that sounds amazing. I know. I also read that the Chesapeake regional medical is going over a big improvement project. Does that in conjunction with this or something?

So this 

Carri Folwaczn: is something a little separate. We are working right now on creating a, a new renovated unit for our mother baby unit. We're going to increase the size of our rooms room one and a half times the [00:06:00] size that they are now. So they are going to be much more spacious. We'll have the area in the room that is, you know, very specific to mom's needs as well as allowing more of a family space in the side of the room with a couch and a, a full sink for bathing babies.

So that mom can really be. A little bit more involved in that care will be allowed to to have a little area for the siblings and. S T to really hang out in that room and and offer those bonding times. We do focus on family center care and keeping mom and baby together as much in the room as possible.

Our pediatricians will be visiting moms in the room. The OB GYN is, will be in the room. So with them, when they're. Visiting with our patients. So being able to allow that multi disciplinary team to, to be in the room and take care of mom together is going to really be a wonderful service that we're going to be adding in with this renovation.

Alexis Perkins: Yes. I think that is all amazing as a mom, it seems like y'all really thought through what a mother's things are when a baby's needs are, and, you know, really taking it step by [00:07:00]step to make sure that you. Quality care. 

Carri Folwaczn: We worked really hard with the nurses to really use their experience, to help develop what these rooms are going to look like.

We're going to have, you know, with the the. Bringing their thoughts up, but we are going to be able to offer them the ability to have their own refrigerators in the room. That's going to help with those moms that are breastfeeding and want to store their milk in the room, the moms that want to bring in their own food, the the moms to have their own little closets.

So it's, it's really a lot of experience from the nurses and what the moms have asked for over the year. So it's, it's been a really a great. 

Alexis Perkins: Yes. And that's a lot of information. How could families find out more about birthplace? 

Carri Folwaczn: Sure. Anyone looking for more information about us here@chesapeakehealthcarecanvisitusatchesapeakebaby.com.

They can also visit us at Chesapeake regional deck. 

Alexis Perkins: And is there anything else that you think our people should know? Cause I know you have all the information, so, 

Carri Folwaczn: so I'll tell you [00:08:00] we have a fantastic team over at Chesapeake regional. So anyone looking for a position come and check out the, the job page on our website, Chesapeake regional.com/careers.

Just to learn more, we're an excellent team of patients. Caring staff. So if there's anything that you want to know, reach out to us, we're looking for anyone that is looking to take great care of patients. Yes. 

Alexis Perkins: Thank you so much, Carrie, for joining us today. 

Carri Folwaczn: Thank you. Thanks for that. 

Alexis Perkins: Well, that's it for this segment.

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