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Revisiting "Treating Erectile Dysfunction"

May 26, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 158
We Are Living Healthy
Revisiting "Treating Erectile Dysfunction"
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Many times we hear women talk about topic of menopause, but how difficult it is for men to be able to talk about erictile dysfunction. Today we are going to be learning more about this topic and being able to talk comfortably with a professional, Dr. Andrew Rinehart.

Bridge Side Medical Clinic is one of the only clinics to offer patients the latest breakthrough in ED treatment, the True Pulse Protocol, also known as acoustic wave or low intensity shockwave therapy. We combine radial shockwave and focused shockwave for one of the most comprehensive and effective treatments in the country.

  • What is Erectile Dysfunction? 
  • And how common is it?
  • How does Erectile Dysfunction affect a patient's relationships? 
  • What are the treatment options for Erectile Dysfunction?
  • What is Acoustic wave therapy?
  • What if the pills do not work?
  • What are my options?
  • What damages a blood vessel?
  • What kind of procedure can a man expect? 
  • What is down time after the procedure? 
  • How long will it last?

For more information go to: bridgesidemedicalclinic.com

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Hello, and thank you for tuning in to this segment of we are living healthy as we age our bodies change, and it is so important that we get comfortable talking about it when we're used to hearing about women going through menopause, but what's a little taboo to talk about is men and erectile dysfunction.

But today we're going to talk about it and get some good information, please. Welcome to the show. Andrew Reinhart from bridge side medical 

Andrew Rinehart: clinic. Hello, how you doing? 

I'm doing wonderful. 

Andrew Rinehart: How are you? I'm 

doing great. Thanks. Yes. I'm really excited about our subject today because I love these stigmatizing things that people don't really talk about as much as we should just to go over the basics of erectile dysfunction for those who are listening and watching.

Can you tell us what it is and also how common. 

Andrew Rinehart: Well, it is far more common than I think men would like to admit. That's the first thing I'd say, but ed or [00:01:00] erectile dysfunction is essentially a lack of blood flow in the bedroom. Andy kind of failure or frustration is likely the beginning stages of ed.

Typically it's caused by amateur blood vessels and restricted blood flow. So those are the causes and you are more normal than you think. If you're out there. 

Yes. And I know that in your profession, you work with this all the time. Could you also give us a little bit of your background so we can learn more about what you do?

Andrew Rinehart: I have been involved with these clinics for about four or five years now. And by the way, we have clinics all over the country. We have specialized in treating this one area of men's health. So we've become experts in it. We help a lot of guys get off the pill, resolve the erectile dysfunction. I've worked with patients at every.

Yes. And I liked that. You said you helped the gentleman get off of the pill. Could you talk through the traditional ways in which it has been treated in the past and how you are treating 

Andrew Rinehart: it now? Absolutely. So a man [00:02:00] with ed, this is 30 years now, since the early nineties has typically turned to the pill, maybe supplements, maybe injections, but most of the time it is pills.

Now I would say if the pill is working fabulously for you, maybe you can keep doing. But if you're noticing side effects, if you're noticing headaches, blurred vision you don't like the lack of spontaneity. That is where we come in at bridge side medical clinic with our acoustic wave therapy. This is a technology that essentially delivers pressure waves through the skin, into the blood vessels.

It causes those blood vessels to actually widen and regroup. That's known as neovascularization, the end result more blood flow in the bedroom where a man wants it when he wants it. And the big deal here is there are no pills, no chemicals. So that means no more of those sites. 

Yes. And tell me if I'm correct or not, but one of the things that men typically don't like about the pill and also their partner [00:03:00] is the ration of time.

It takes to actually. Get there. So it's not as spontaneous as you mentioned when it comes down to your treatment. Does that mean it will flow naturally? 

Andrew Rinehart: Yeah, that's right. In fact this technology is the only thing, as far as I know, that creates spontaneity men. You're right there taking the pill, playing a big timing game, not knowing if it will work when it will work.

And then what side effects are coming the next. The idea with this technology. And by the way, clinically proven at this point is that we repair the blood vessels enough that we get the blood flowing yes. With, on demand function when the timing is right. And 

what damages the blood 

Andrew Rinehart: vessel. Well as we age and probably as we eat, the American lifestyle is not helping any of us.

Our blood vessels become pardoned. They become clogged just like in other parts of the body that leads to restricted blood flow. Now the blood vessels in this part of. Our tiny to begin with. So anything can disrupt that [00:04:00] it's a physical problem, and frankly it needs a physical solution, which is exactly what our technology delivers.

Okay. I'm really glad that you mentioned as far as the closing of arteries and things like that, as we age. Can you name a couple of different conditions that somebody can have? They may also have ed as a result. I know one could be high cholesterol. Yeah. 

Andrew Rinehart: That's true. High cholesterol, high blood pressure.

We certainly see a lot of that diabetes. Prostate issues would be a couple of those of the others that are. Then we see very healthy gentlemen that have this issue. So I go back to saying you're more normal than you think it doesn't necessarily mean you have underlying conditions, but we do see some of those common ones over and over.

Yes. Thank you for clarifying that. That makes a lot of sense. But if your blood vessels are getting clogged and other areas that it could happen anywhere of the body, that makes it just sound so normal. Easy to understand. And I always like clarity. So thank you for that. Can you tell us a little bit more about the procedure that you are [00:05:00] able to offer as far as how long it takes recuperation time?

Is there any pain? All the questions the men really, really 

Andrew Rinehart: want to know the question a man comes into the clinic. The technology's placed on the skin for about 10 minutes. You can come in on your lunch break. You'll walk out feeling totally. There you see that gentle pressure waves. They go through the skin, into the blood vessels, no pain, no recovery time, no side effects.

Mental list that they were a lot more comfortable than they thought. It's pretty easy. Now you might do a few of these 10 minute sessions over maybe two weeks. That's it? That's the whole process. According to Cambridge university, it is enough to get rid of the erectile dysfunction by treating it at its core.


is there a certain amount of time that somebody active repeat the treatment or is it one time and you're usually pretty good or do we need more research to really have that. 

Andrew Rinehart: Well, after you do the first few sessions, it has been called a long-lasting results. So they've gone back to men years [00:06:00] later.

And in most cases, the results are still there. I don't think permanent is the right answer, but long-lasting unlike the pill. It's not something you typically have to repeat and you certainly don't become a prisoner to the. 

Yes, no, that sounds a lot better than having to take a pill and everything like that.

Could you tell us a little bit of a downsides or side effects of the pill that you don't experience with? 

Andrew Rinehart: Well, there are zero side effects with our technology. That's what's so nice. So literally nothing and the pill. It's all kinds of problems. I should mention that the pill is some cases it's not even safe for Amanda taking the first place, maybe because of certain heart conditions, because it can drop the blood pressure, but the headaches and the blurred vision are certainly the most common complaints we get about.

Okay, thank you for that Cleary. And for those who are just concerned, if they're young, is there any type of thing a man could do to prevent it or slow down the process? If they already kind of see [00:07:00] something coming, anything like that. And then we're going to ask you something 

Andrew Rinehart: else. Stay, stay healthy, exercise, eat, right.

We don't associate eating wrong with erectile dysfunction, but I believe there is a. 

Yes. No. It makes complete sense with what it does to the blood flow in the body. He has definitely eating right. Things like that. And so once we have the preventative care, which is eat healthy, be healthy, and as time goes on, eventually they may have to give you a call.

We want to make sure everybody's comfortable. What steps do you take to put a man at ease when they're coming to be treated by. 

Andrew Rinehart: Our clinic is a discreet and confidential environment. You'll meet with our male medical provider who can relate to the issue and men tell us over and over again, I was a lot more comfortable than I thought, I thought this would be intimidating or painful or invasive.

And it's none of those. And the treatments are so. 

Yes. And for the men who are listening, cause you know how everybody has that moment of, could that be me? I don't know if this is for me. Could you give any [00:08:00] tangibles of if you're feeling this or if this has happened to you, then you may be a candidate.

Give us a call. 

Andrew Rinehart: Yeah, we do. If you're struggling with EDD, if you're sick of the pills and you want to regain your love life, the first step is a medical assessment with that medical provider that I met. That's the exam, even the blood flow ultrasound. What's great is that if you call us before the segment ends, it's free.

Plus you'll get a gift. I think you'll enjoy this. It produces immediate results in the bedroom. It's worth hundreds of dollars. We're doing it totally free to callers now. And that, by the way, will determine if you're a good candidate for the. 

Yes. And final thing. I just want to ask, we love making people feel good about themselves, for those who feel embarrassed for those who have a fear for those who may feel ashamed or for the women in their life or partner in their life, who may not understand, could you just give us a few things to just bring comfort to both the man, the woman, the partner, whomever [00:09:00] about the subject.

Andrew Rinehart: When we get the ed taken care of it has the most fantastic ripple effect, not just on functioning, the best. Life happiness sense of self-worth confidence. When things go well in the bedroom, they tend to fall into place outside of the bedroom as well. So two weeks of treatments, a few sessions, it is worth it, and the results are powerful.

Yes. And where can people find your promo again? I want to make sure that we're getting them all the right information and 

Andrew Rinehart: go to bridge side medical clinic.com. If you want to do a little more research, but the best way to qualify for that offer, call the number on your screen. Right. 

All right. Well, thank you so much, Andrew.

It has been a pleasure. Thank you for the information and being a guest today. 

Andrew Rinehart: Thanks for having me. 

Well, that's it for this segment of we are living healthy. I really hope that you enjoy the information. If you haven't already please go to Facebook and like us at, we are living healthy and don't forget to subscribe to the show.

So you keep up with all of this wonderful information. And if you have a health tip that you would like [00:10:00] to share, reach out to us so we can get you here. Well, that's it for this segment. We are living hell.