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Malibu Mylk: The Flax Milk Alternative

June 09, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 160
We Are Living Healthy
Malibu Mylk: The Flax Milk Alternative
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Several years ago Brittany Fuisz tried every auto-immune protocol and eliminated major allergens like dairy, nuts, gluten, and soy from her diet. She found that many milk alternatives did not suit her strict diet and had the  idea to create milk from flaxseed—and Malibu Mylk was born. Not only was the flax milk allergen-free, she also found it had a fantastic texture due to the fact that flax is a natural emulsifier. As if that wasn't enough, she also found it was packed full of nutrients, especially compared to other milks. Brittany is excited to share Malibu Mylk with the world  and listeners today, knowing this  incredible product has helped her feel her absolute best and will help you feel your best, too.

Key Takeaways from Alexis's chat with Brittany Fuisz:

  • What is flax?
  • How is Malibu Mylk different from almond milk?
  • How many flavors do you have?
  • How can people know  if flax milk will benefit them?
  • Can Malibu Mylk be used just like any other alternative milk?

All of this and more, on this episode of We Are Living Healthy.

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Alexis: Hello, and thank you for tuning into this segment of we are living healthy when it comes to milk. Most of us think about dairy milk or even almond milk, but have you ever considered flax seed milk here to tell us more about it? I'm very excited because we have the CEO and founder of Malibu milk, Mrs.

Britney fuse. Let's go ahead and welcome her to the show.

Brittany: Hi. Hi, Brittany. How are you doing well, thanks for having 

Alexis: me. Yes. I'm so excited to talk to you today because as the evolution of milk continues, you have a very unique. Part in [00:01:00] this. And I want you to go ahead and tell us a little bit about who you are and then we're gonna jump into the 

Brittany: milk stuff. Yeah.

So I'm Brittany Fu I'm the founder of Malibu milk. I grew up in Malibu. That's why it's called Malibu milk. I attended Georgetown university. And then after I went to the cordon blue culinary school, I've always been passionate about all things, food and beverage. And it was actually on my journey to becoming pregnant that.

Discovered that you could make a really delicious milk from the whole ground organic flax seed. 

Alexis: Yes. But there had to be an inspiration behind it was what was the story behind? Why didn't you want the dairy? Why didn't you want the almond? Cause it takes a lot to say, you know what? Let's, let's recreate this and what are the benefits?

So first, what 

Brittany: was the inspiration for it? Yeah. So. I was when I was trying to get pregnant, I went to see a doctor who recommend I go on an autoimmune protocol, otherwise known as an elimination diet. I had to eliminate all major allergens. Dairy nuts, gluten, soy [00:02:00] eggs. These are all things that can be known to cause inflammation in the body, particularly dairy.

And so when I went looking for a clean, alternative milk that was free of dairy free of nuts, free of soy, there weren't any, and some of you might be thinking, well, what about O milk? Right? O milk is the new hot milk on the scene. The problem with O milk is. Loaded with oils and oils. Cause a lot of inflammation in the body it's super high in sugar and high end carbs, and it doesn't really offer any real nutrients.

Meanwhile, most of the oats in this country are covered in glyphosate, AKA weed killer, not something you wanna be consuming a lot of. So I was looking for a clean, alternative milk that would be actually good for your body. It would actually. add nutrients into your diet every day. And that's when I had this idea about making milk from the whole ground organic flaxseed.

And you know, the crazy thing about the flaxseed is. It's super nutrient dense all on its own. [00:03:00]It's been used for thousands of years as as a form of getting more omega threes, fiber protein in the diet. It's the highest vegan source of omega threes period. And flaxseed is a natural emulsifier. So it was creating this beautiful Milky texture all on its own without adding any artificial ingredients.

Alexis: And I know when people started to consume, you know, the almond milks and the O milks, many people question, well, how exactly do you get milk out of that? So when it comes to Flaxie, what is the process? Mm-hmm that it has to undergo to actually become that nice 

Brittany: Milky consistency. Such a good question. So when you're making an almond milk, you blend almonds with water, you strain all the almonds out.

You end up throwing away the nutrient dense almonds. You're not getting. any of those nutrients, you're just getting a little bit, that's kinda blended out. And then the, the most beautiful part of the almond just thrown away. Yeah. We're using the whole ground flaxseed. We don't strain anything out. So we're blending the whole ground [00:04:00] flaxseed.

We're grinding it up really, really tiny. We're blending it with water and that's why you're getting so much more nutrition from Malibu milk than you are from other plant-based. Yes. No, 

Alexis: that's, that's beautiful. and I like that it has the nutrients in it because many times, like when people think about eating vegetables, when you cook them, you're stripping them of nutrients.

And the more you manipulate something, the more nutrients that are gone. So to know that all the nutrients are still in there, then that's just such a positive thing for it to have. And the number one question is the flavor. Because, like what 

Brittany: could you start to? Yeah. So flaxseed has a nutty flavor similar to a nut milk.

So if you've never had a nut milk before, it's gonna taste really different. If you're already used to plant-based milks, you know, an almond milk, for example I would say it's a similar flavor to that. The texture of Malibu milk is a little bit thicker than a lot of the almond milks that are kind of watery.

Okay. So. Nutty flavor. We have four different flavors. We have an unsweetened vanilla, we have a [00:05:00] slightly sweetened that's sweetened with organic dates, no refined sugar at all. Which I know folks who are looking for a healthy life often love to avoid refined sugar. Yes. We have just our unsweetened, that's more neutral and it goes in things like, you know, mashed potatoes, for example, you can use it just like you would cows milk.

Okay. And then we have our O FLA blend. So leaning into the popularity of oat. I searched high and low for oats that were certified organic glyphosate free. And we combined these oats with our flax to make a really special oat flax blend. That's unsweetened so low in calories, low in carbohydrates, and has a little bit of the sweetness of the oats and the nutritional benefits of the flax seed.

Alexis: I don't know how you've managed to get me excited about milk, but I've never in my life thought I'm gonna try this milk and I'm sitting here, like, I really, really wanna try this milk. Like I love 

Brittany: it. That's so [00:06:00] great. 

Alexis: But yeah. So when it comes down to the people who purchase your, your product there are a lot of people who they don't even know that it would be good for them.

For example, I remember when I had, you know, tummy issues, it took somebody saying, Hey, You might wanna try this. It might be a good alternative for you. So who's a person or something that a symptom that they could have, something that they're experiencing where it's like, Hey, you might even just wanna try this to see if it helps with what you're 

Brittany: feeling day to day.

I think you're pointing out the biggest one tummy troubles, right? A lot of us have an intolerance to dairy. That means that we're not allergic to dairy. But if we consume large amounts of dairy I know for me personally, like if it was a night where I had pizza and maybe then ice cream, yeah. My tummy would start to do a dance and I'd feel really uncomfortable.

For others, it can be a little gas, a little bloating, and those are all signs that your body is intolerant to dairy again. You're not necessarily allergic, you're just intolerant. So if you eliminate that and you introduce something like [00:07:00] flaxseed, which is known for being anti-inflammatory, so dairy causes the inflammation, flaxseed is anti-inflammatory, you're gonna feel better.

And I think, you know, that's the goal for all of us. How are we gonna look and feel our very best? And we like to say that Malibu milk is the tiny change that can make a big difference in your own. 

Alexis: Yes. Now about Malibu milk. Okay. I know that you just mentioned that you have four different flavors of milk.

Could you tell us 

Brittany: more about ma. Yeah, so the milks are excellent to drink all on their own. A lot of people use them in smoothies, in coffees, cereal, oatmeal, really? You use it just the way you would, any other non-dairy or dairy milk. We have a lot of CU customers who love to drink Malibu milk all on its own.

I was with someone recently who was saying. Training for a marathon. She loves to come back after her long run and have a big glass of Malibu milk all on its own because of the high macro content. So again, it's this nutrition that you're getting from Malibu milk that [00:08:00] really sets it apart. 

Alexis: Yes. And where can people find you?

Brittany: So we're in a bunch of grocery stores across the country and you can also order directly from our website, Malibu milk.com and it's milk with a Y and we're offering a special code to your listeners, living healthy for 20% off. Their first order. And that's actually the best price you're gonna find anywhere is ordering it directly on our website.

And it'll be shipped straight to your front door in shelf, stable cartons. And then you can store it in your pantry until you're ready to use it. Once you open it up, it'll be good for seven to 10 days. 

Alexis: Okay. Well, thank you so much. Bernie has been an absolute pleasure chatting with you. 

Brittany: Likewise. Thanks for having me.

No problem. 

Alexis: Well, that's it for this segment of we are living healthy. Thank you to everyone who tuned in. If you haven't already, please subscribe to the show and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at we are living healthy. And if you have a health story to share or a healthy tip, please reach out to us so we can get you here to be a guest on the show.

Thank you again for joining us today. We look forward to seeing you next [00:09:00] time on we are living healthy.