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Gut Health and Integrative Medicine

January 13, 2022 Alexis Perkins Season 1 Episode 38
We Are Living Healthy
Gut Health and Integrative Medicine
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Gut Health and Integrative Medicine
with John Mercier from Mercier Medicinals LLC

Integrative medicine is the incorporation of BOTH pharmaceuticals(mainstream Medicine) AND herbal, alternative, functional & naturopathic treatments.

It’s not as much WHAT you eat as it is HOW you eat...

Because a lot of people are so focused on eating less or more, they are not discovering that the switching of a simple breakfast item with a lunch item or vice versa, the gastric acid release for the specific starches & proteins will be operating at a most proficient efficiency .

  • What are Mercier Medicinals?
  • How can the digestive process affect everything else in our system? -What is Gut, and why do you call it the 2 nd brain
  • How can we prevent lack of motivation, stress & anxiety in a way which takes a holistic & natural approach to wellness?

For more information go to: http://Merciermedicinals.com, http://Acidalkalinediet.com, https://www.acidalkalinediet.net/correct-food-combining-principles.php

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Alexis: hello, and thank you for tuning into this segment of we are living with. Low energy, lack of motivation, stress, anxiety. Do any of these sound familiar to you? If so you are not alone. That is why I'm excited about our guest. Today. Who's going to talk about natural ways. We can combat this. Please give a warm.

Welcome to Mr. John Mercier. Hello, John, 


John: are you? Fantastic. 

Alexis: How are you? Yes, I'm actually wonderful. I'm very excited to chat with you. Can you tell people a little bit about mercy? 

John: Yeah. So Mercier medicinals, we've been we've been around for about a decade now, but this really came out of a place of almost desperation in fight or flight.

On my part, as I was suffering with 11 food allergies, IBS, leaky gut, and just kind of bedridden for months at a time while seeking gastroenterologists special. Improve my elements. So, yes, 

Alexis: and I know [00:01:00] that over that time, you've learned different ways about how taking care of the inside of the body can help with the things that we mentioned, like anxiety, depression, exhaustion, things like that, and how they're all kind of interconnected.

Could you speak more about that? 

John: Oh yeah. A lot in medicine. The gut is actually. The second brain because there's so many dopamine, dopamine, IMR, genic, serotonin, never net near an epinephrin, all the different, good feel brain chemicals are actually actually start in your gut and from what you digest and then it's carried up into your first brain.

So a lot of things all started. 

Alexis: Yes. No, that's pretty interesting. Many people don't understand the connection between the digestive process what's happening in the stomach and exactly how it affects everything else. So even before we get to the benefits of it, could you just allow people to understand how they're feeling.

John: Yeah. So the ways that, the ways that they're, they're connected, there's different Synopsys and neurologic processes that will connect [00:02:00] your lymphatic system, your immune system, to your digestive system, to your central nervous system, to your circulatory system. So almost look at everything like gears clock.

And your body. And when you take the biggest gear of all your gut is kind of like the biggest clockwork. And when you've got the best lubricants and oils and things to create an ease of movement for this year, all the smaller gears and your pancreatic bicarbonate release or your gastric acids are all those processes.

They actually function at a greatest, a greater amount of efficient. So that this connection starts to create a prosperous connection here, your output, your relationships, your creativity, your energy your, your organizational, you know, focusing type of world. 

Alexis: Yes. And for those who have ever visited a [00:03:00] gastroenterologist, I know many of the elements that people have that get them.

Many of it can be curved with what they're digesting or what they're eating. I know that you also mentioned that you had some food allergies yourself and you speak on how, what you do gives you relief from 

John: that. Yeah. W even I discovered early on that even what's most important is how it's being not, not even more than what's being eaten house.

What's called. And one of the resources we have called the acid alkaline diet. There's so many trends and diets out there that I had to go through and realize, oh, these are just trends that support a, you know, specifically. Product or market, or that create another market rather than just looking for my best interest in mind, or really creating the most ease of digestion.

And, and what it looks for is food. Combining principles. You know, someone might find a lot more digestive ease through changing a lunch item with a [00:04:00] dinner item, or maybe there's a lunch item with the breakfast. And just because of the variance between your starches or your proteins, different gastric assets are released for proteins and then for starches.

So keeping your starches separate from your proteins. And there's a few other rules. I don't fall follow all of them religiously, but when I do follow some of them. Even something as simple as that, where so many diets are out there, change this, change that eat like this workout, like this workout then, and it's so much change that we become motivated for a month.

And then we fall off because it's too much, it's too much. And I found an efficiency, scientific ratio where the smallest amount of change for the greatest amount of results. 

Alexis: Yes. I love that principle. I know you've worked with a lot of different people with different conditions. Could you speak to a few of those, maybe one simple thing, one simple thing they could do.

So for example, if [00:05:00] somebody has anxiety, one simple change, if somebody is battling any specific type of cancer, one simple change that they can make. 

John: Yeah, I was, I would say that the simplest change That someone can make without even buying a supplement would start your morning off drinking anything, bitter, anything.

That has ginger or lemon, or even in your cabinet. I know it sounds crazy, but sprinkle a little, little Rosemary and lemon or something in your water. First thing, the first thing that goes into your digestive system in the morning is the most important of the day. So that's why it's really good to wake up your digestive system just as you are groggy, getting out of bed, your digestive system is also feeling that same grogginess and something like lemon or apple cider vinegar or ginger.

Or even anything in your, in your, you know, seasonings cabinet can help wake up that your digestive system, spike your metabolism and get rid of inflammation. When [00:06:00] coffee is kind of the first thing that comes in, it's super acidic. It's kind of your, your body's not ready to handle it all as much. So if you do that first, wait 15 minutes, then start your regular routine.

That's probably the most. 

Alexis: That's good. And that makes me happy because many times when people give advice, I have to change what I'm doing. I already drink lemon water in the morning. So I'm very happy. With the drinking of lemon water, quick question that a lot of people have asked. Does it matter the temperature?

Should it be room temperature or is it okay if they drink it ice cold? 

John: It is okay if it's ice cold, but. Your, your bodies do, do, do your body does like liquids that are the same temperature as your internal temperature, which is about, you know, 96.7 degrees. And ice, ice is not, people are so like, their bodies are unable to adapt to change very easily.

So it's not, it's not terrible, but ideally, yeah, when you. It's more to keep your, your, [00:07:00] your liquids at your internal temperature because the ice coldness will cause different facts that you're digesting to quash regulate, which is that's what quality relation is kind of like jiggling your gut, which can sometimes cause some discomfort.

But I'd say first thing in the morning, you're you're good. 

Alexis: And with the apple cider vinegar, Question of the day always is, do you drink a straight, like a teaspoon or do you mix it in some water? What's the best method. 

John: Yeah. Some people go a little, a little too intense with the tablespoon and they can't handle it.

And they're like, this is giving me acid reflux, you know, I would say, you know, start off, start off small. You got to build your system up to it. Like what's great about the apple cider vinegar it's full of those probiotics. When I've built up my system to now, as I make my own yogurt from raw unpasteurized goat milk sheet milk these, these animals have a much, much well tolerated milk rather than cows.

[00:08:00] And the probiotic content is through the roof. Now, if a regular person started out at that level their, their reactions might be a little more intense. So that's why it's always good to slowly increase. Start out small. 

Alexis: Okay. No. Thank you so much for those who have questions about different things they can do for their health.

What is the best way for them to contact? You get more information. You have so much 

John: of it. Yeah, absolutely. You can visit our website at Mercier medicinals.com. If you send us an email, we have a little contact. Button at the bottom of it, you can shoot us an email. You know, if you're just looking for a quick supplement you know, like herbal Adderall or you're looking for something for that, that anxiety, something like Malibu root or CBD, or there's some other less invasive herbs that don't affect your mind, but balanced serotonin levels, thyroid hormones.

Just sent, shoot us a message. We'd love to supply you with an herb that [00:09:00] would best fit your meet need. We've Guinea pig. My, and my party over the past decade with some of the best of the best brands through Amazon, Alibaba, Google. And what we did is we landed in wholesale on the best of the best brands that cured my own IBS, 11 food allergies and dozens and dozens of our patients.

And you'll see their testimonials there as well. So we could either schedule a consultation and go in depth, or it's simply. Hey, I'm just looking for this one quick fix. Is there a supplement or something that, you know, you could throw at me without having to go as 

Alexis: in-depth? Yes. Thank you so much, John. I love everything that you do for those who are listening.

If you are suffering from any discomfort, any ailments, there are options for you and thank you, John, for having so many of them. Thank you again. 

John: Thank you guys. 

Alexis: Well, that's it for this segment of we are living healthy. I hope that you've got some good information about how to take care of your gut, get your energy up.

And if you don't already please [00:10:00] subscribe to us on Facebook. And also that is it for this segment of we are living healthy.